Want to get more leads for your business? You’ve come to the right place.

FACT: Social media is a great tool for generating leads for businesses.

TRUTH: Most business owners are boring their followers to death and they don’t notice that no one is paying attention.

In this article you’ll find 6 tops tips to generate leads on social media.

1. Finding Customers on Twitter

A fantastic free way of finding leads on Twitter is to use their powerful search function. Just search the keywords “I want to learn Spanish” or “need personal assistant” and you’ll soon find thousands of potential customers. Adjust the search terms to your service, product or category and voilà!

Alternatively, promote your tweets! When you add a Lead Generation Card to your Tweets, you allow people to exchange their email address with you so you can capture more leads for your business.

generate leads on social media using twitter search

2. Get Qualified Leads on Facebook

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, nonprofit or huge brand your ideal customer will most likely be found on Facebook. Ads are a quick and easy method to target those potential customers and generate leads. You’ll want to create a lead magnet, set-up a mobile friendly landing page and drive traffic to your landing page using Facebook ads. You’ll soon see leads rolling in and all you need to do is follow up and get the sale.

If you sell products online or have an eCommerce store, one of the quickest way to get more customers is to create an irresistible offer that people can’t refuse. People don’t go to Facebook to browse products, so targeting impulse buyers is a smart way to find new customers and make money.tony robbins facebook page social media marketing lead generation

3. Run Contests

Contests are a great way to generate buzz around your business and capture potential new customers or clients details. The upside is it’s a cheap way to gain lots of leads and get people interested in your business fast. The downside is that the leads you get aren’t always high quality because you’ll have some freebie seekers.

facebook contest capture email leads

4. Promote Your Business with Pinterest

Pinterest is a kick ass tool for generating leads, traffic and sales. Savvy businesses who don’t have physical products should start a ‘free stuff’ board, where users can find freebies, downloads and enticing offers. Pinterest is a showcase of visual imagery so make sure you take advantage by displaying content in an engaging way through pictures. Make sure you’ve set up a Pinterest business account so you can track how well your pins are performing.

5. Get Instagram Famous

With over 300 million monthly users and 70% checking it daily Instagram is a awesome place to find new customers. Instagram is a great tool to promote products, offers and competitions. First impressions matter so make sure you have a profile that stands out, write a catchy bio and include a link to an opt-in page. Create a list of popular hashtags related to your business which will provide a way for people to find your photos through a simple search. Finally, don’t ignore the comments – engage your audience and they’ll be more likely to buy from you.

6. Generate Leads With LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world so it’s a fantastic place for B2B leads. Invest a bit of time each day networking and finding potential prospects on the platform. You can search by name, company, or position so you can easily connect and establish new relationships whilst cutting out the middleman. Inviting people to connect is also a great way to follow up on an in-person meetings.

Over to You

I hope this blog post was useful for you… now get to work on generating leads on social media!

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